A.I. Beat Making Apps

A.I. Beat Making Apps

As artificial technology continue to advance in music, it’s evident that beat-making apps would be created to make it easier for producers and artists to make music. We all know that artists will always need beats and continue learning to make them on their own.… Read More »A.I. Beat Making Apps

Instagram Shoutouts

In 2018, one of the best ways to build a following organically, besides using Facebook ads, is paying for Instagram Shoutouts. Influencer marketing is only getting bigger and bigger as more influencers realize they can make money with Instagram. Paying influencers $20-$30 to post to their… Read More »Instagram Shoutouts

About Exclusive Beats

Exclusive beats are usually for signed artist or just the serious artist who have been making music for a while and I really focused on their careers. These rights allow artists to profit as much as they want, as long as they want, and also… Read More »About Exclusive Beats

How To Stand Out

With so many artists releasing music it can be harder to get your music heard. A good tactic to stand out from others is by simply releasing new music more frequently. If your music is good people will gravitate towards it and share it. But keep… Read More »How To Stand Out

Influencer Marketing

When it comes to marketing yourself and your music, creativity is key. One of the best ways to get attention to your music is by working with content creators. People that do podcast, vlogs, tutorials, twerking videos etc. are good ways to get your music… Read More »Influencer Marketing