How To Download Beats To iPhone

September 9, 2017 antbeatz

If you have an iPhone like me I’m sure you realized that it’s hard to save beats and other MP3 files on your phone. Apple doesn’t allow you to download mp3s directly, but here’s a great way to download them.

  1. Download the app called FileManager from the app store.
  2. Copy the URL link of the MP3 file, it will be the link in your web browser. The page where you can play the file.
  3. In the FileManager app, you will see a + option in the upper left hand corner. Select this option. Then click “Add File From Web”.img_0330
  4. Paste this link in the web browser.
  5. You will be asked yes or no if you want to download the file, select yes.img_0332
  6. Then save the file to your phone by pressing save in the top right corner.img_0333
  7. Done. The mp3 file will be in the file manager app.img_0331