How To Grow Your Fan Base Fast

With music being made so easily now a days, there are a few things artist should focus on overall. Here are some tips on how to grow your fan base fast.



Collaborating with other artist is great way to grow your fan base quickly. Work with as many artist as you can to create leverage and get more attention to your brand. The key to building your brand is getting more attention.You want people who never heard of you to know who you are. No one can hear your music until they pay attention to you first.


The key benefit to you is to get some of the attention your collaborator is getting. The key benefit to your fans would be a great song. This is why it’s important to create for them and really give them the best music you can create. Your job as an artist still is to create good music they love.



Consistency is extremely important and something that most artist lack. With it being so easy to make music now a days and the flood of new artist it’s almost vital to be consistent in order to have a successful career. Not only should you be consistently putting out new music but it should be good quality music. Putting out a project or song every other 5 months is not going to gain enough attention to build a fan base efficiently. When being consistent you gain a certain momentum that builds and builds the more you are consistent. By constantly putting out new music often you get more chances to be heard. By being consistent you are subconsciously trying be on their minds.


By you I mean you and your music. You want to be the first artist they think about listening to when they think “who’s music should I to listen right now”. There’s so many artist dropping projects now that the act of dropping a project is another tactic to get attention and grow your fan base. The main reason Drake and other top artist are still in the position they are in is because they are focusing on ATTENTION, and a result of putting out music frequently gets attention.


Do you get notified of a new YouTube video on your phone when someone drops one? Does new Facebook post show up in your new feed and get your attention? After you snap on snapchat can you see who watched your videos? You got their attention when they looked and seen you recently posted to your story. Once you realize how being consistent and growing your fan base are connected hopefully you will go harder and drop music more frequently.


The thing most artist struggle with when it comes to being consistent is that it takes actual WORK to think & write the songs. The biggest reason artists either don’t make it or fall off is simply because of laziness. Music BUSINESS is real BUSINESS like all other businesses that take actual WORK to build and be successful. If the big artist are putting out new music every week, then you as an upcoming artist have to be putting out new music as well AT LEAST every week.


Good Music

Since this is the music industry, having good music will definitely determine how fast you will grow despite how consistent you are or not. The better your music is, the faster your fan base will grow. However, having good music by no means will replace hard work and being consistent.


You must be consistent with everything that you do, but good music is what the fans crave. Music is content, you are a content creator. Great brands are content creators that consistently produce good content.



Having good QUALITY has an impact on your growth rate as an artist as well. Having high quality music, high quality graphics and high quality visuals helps you stand out from all the other artist making music. Most artist can care less about good quality. If you seriously want to succeed you can’t be like them. You have to care about your craft, you have to constantly be trying to better yourself or else you are not taking what you are doing serious. To most artist can’t differentiate good quality from bad quality. I know because I use to be one of them.


Once a friend and I sold 100 mixtapes back in 2011. I mixed everything knowing I didn’t know anything about mixing or quality. Today as I listen to that same mixtape, I kind of feel bad for selling them to people because of how bad the songs sounded. The quality was horrible. The bass didn’t hit right, the vocals were extremely wavy and all of the tracks volumes were higher or lower then the next. I had no clue at the time. I thought all music just sounded the same once it came out of the speakers. Today I realize that if I was like that then, most artist starting out must think the same way and have no clue on what the quality of their music sounds like. It reminds me of my first time learning what weed was.


I was 14 or 15. Come to find out I was late lol. Some of my friends have been smoking since the TH grade and I never knew they were getting high. I didn’t even know what weed was so it was impossible to tell if somebody was high. I had no clue. That’s the same realization I came to with the quality of music. Most artists are recording and making music that sounds horrible in quality and then have no clue why people don’t like their music. Your songs could actually be dope but the quality could be so horrible that it’s hard for someone to actually listen and enjoy. Your track may have harsh frequencies in it that hurts people’s ears when listening to more than 2 minutes of it. If your track isn’t mastered correctly, it could even blow out car speaker systems.



Giving away prizes and running contest for prizes is a great way to build your following and get attention to your brand. People love to compete and they love to get win things. Use this to your advantage and come up with creative ways to give away prizes or run contests. This is a very effective method of getting the attention of those that already know who you are and new fans.



The key to building your following is getting more people to know who you are. Your biggest problem as an up-and-coming artist is that nobody knows you. Get people to share your music with the people they know. Collaborate with more artist. Make sure your music is good and sounds good that people can’t wait to hear more.


Stay consistent with putting out music, updating your social media, and meeting new people. Always be meeting new people, you want to expose yourself to as many people as possible on a daily basis.

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