A.I. Beat Making Apps

As artificial technology continue to advance in music, it’s evident that beat-making apps would be created to make it easier for producers and artists to make music. We all know that artists will always need beats and continue learning to make them on their own. It takes hundreds of hours to really perfect the craft of making beats. To make a beat today, all you need to do is download an app like Songen, a make a beat with one press of a button.


You will still need to sequence the tracks and mix everything down. This by no means will replace the need for a beatmaker but can make everyone’s job easier. Being a beatmaker takes real time, dedication, and patience. With AI beat-making apps on the rise, use them to be more effiecient. Don’t wait on a beatmaker or producer to keep you in a creative groove. You should be making songs everyday as an artist. There really is no excuse to not be working!

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