About Exclusive Beats

Exclusive beats are usually for signed artist or just the serious artist who have been making music for a while and I really focused on their careers. These rights allow artists to profit as much as they want, as long as they want, and also to have life long assets they can pass down to their children. Exclusive rights are for the business minded artist who are investing into more than just a song. They are acquiring assets.


After you make a song, and you own exclusive rights to that beat, you can make money with that one song for the rest of your life and your kids lives. Old CDs still sell today. Every song you make is an asset. I think of instrumentals and songs the same way I think of owning rental property that’s always putting money into your pocket. If your on your grind and always promoting, you will eventually make your money back from what you spent on exclusive beats.


Similar to buying property and renting it out, eventually making your money back from what you spent on that property. Feel me? After learning more about business i’ve grown to love the music business even more. Treat the music business as a real business, because it is. If you need any discounts on exclusive beats check out out my exclusive store.

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