Loss Leader Strategy

Due to the fact that so much is changing in the music industry, music artist should focus on their actual business model and approach to the industry. Music is still selling but isn’t selling like it used to due to online streaming, piracy, and inefficient… Read More »Loss Leader Strategy

The Future Of Music

To me most artist in the industry are talking about the same things and it’s getting old. Now a days I hear people say they listen to what they listen to because of the beats. I feel people’s average approach is due to artists mentality.… Read More »The Future Of Music

The Numbers Game

Being consistent and staying productive is all about the numbers game to me. It’s about how much and when. If you made 1 song a day, that’s 30 songs a month. You could literally drop a project every single month if you stayed at it.… Read More »The Numbers Game

Quality Over Quantity

I can’t stress this enough, quality over quantity! People want to hear music that sounds good. Different frequencies make people feel differently. If your song is trash, mixing and mastering it will make it presentable. If your song is good, having it mixing and mastered… Read More »Quality Over Quantity