Branding & Reputation

A lot of people don’t understand branding, or the purpose of branding. In other words, your brand is your reputation. Everything you do and how you carry yourself publicly is building your brand. If you are always putting out bad or mediocre quality music, you will build a reputation for bad or mediorce quality sounding music. EVERYTHING you do, inside and outside of music, will effect your brand/reputation.


This is why bigger artist are careful about the moves that they make, the artist that they collab with, and what kind of songs they put out. They are conscious of how people see them. Branding has a lot to do with your image and how you carry yourself. How you talk to people, the words you choose to use, how you look, all has to do with your brand. When building your brand/reputation, consciously be aware of how you present yourself to the world daily.


How you respond to people, what you choose to talk about, everything you do is apart of your brand. If you want to build a powerful brand and be taken seriously in the music business, everything you do must be professional. The more serious you are about your brand/reputation, the more serious people will take you. Make sure everything you do is professional, from graphics to mixing and mastering, to how you conduct business. It all plays a role in how people perceive you, and how they think of you when they hear your name. It has a psychological effect. It shows that you know what you are doing.

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