Buying Beats Online

Most of the time when you buy beats online, your not really buying BEATS, but instead you are buying LICENSES to use those beats. These licenses are agreements between artists and producers about how many copies can be sold, what can be done with the final recording,
etc. So when you see “Basic Lease”, “Premium Lease”, “Unlimited Lease” etc. they are just different non-exclusive licenses/agreements.
You can purchase depending on what you need the beat for. Even in the case of purchasing exclusive rights, you are purchasing an exclusive license that will prevent any other artist from using that beat as well as be.


The agreements will vary depending on which producer it is, but generally speaking, this is what most producers are doing online. It’s only when you buy the copyright to a beat that you fully own that beat and it is fully yours. Meaning you could technically say you made the beat, not credit the producer, and it would all be legal because you own the copyright to the beat. So that’s the reason why most producers subscribe to the licensing business model. Everybody gets what they want, it’s a win win for everybody trying to accomplish what they need to accomplish.

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