Get Attention To Your Music

Whether it’s getting more fans, getting a job, getting that girl you want, it’s all about getting their “attention”. Well, it starts with that. No one knows who you are unless they know you exist. Most people are in competition for attention and don’t even realize it. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. are all “media” platforms.


People are seeking to engage with their audience. We all like “likes”, “shares”, and “comments”.Be aware of how you need to get in front of more people that are likely to connect with your message. Go after your target audience and think of ways you can help them with anything. In 2015 it’s all about creativity and innovation.


Think outside the box. Lets take rap artist Nipsey Hussle for example, he decided to give out his music for free online and charge $100 – $1000 for the hard copy’s on his proud2pay website. Get creative, totally independent and grind! – @AnTBeatz

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