Nobody’s Sleeping On You

It’s easy to think that people are sleeping on you. Especially when you compare yourself to others. If you are comparing your likes, your plays, your fans, etc. to others then you are focusing on the wrong things. You have to value the likes, plays, and the fans that you do get and be thankful for the people who are paying attention to you first before you can truly grow.


Everybody’s situation is different. If you aren’t going 10 times as hard as everybody else is, then your really not in a position to think that people are sleeping on you. There is so much noise out there that you have to go 10 times harder than everybody else to break through. In some situations you may even have to go 100 times harder just to get the results that you seek. If you think artist like Drake or Future are just recording 1 song every other day your wrong!


They are known for their work ethic amongst their peers. They are most likely recording 1-5 songs per day, if not more! If you want to be successful with music or anything else in life you have to grind, grind, & grind some more. When you start out-doing others by grinding, people WILL start to notice it and point it out. People will start to make comments like, “damn bruh, you going hard”.


Even your competition! It will make them furious lol. I remember when Young Thug tweeted about Future dropping music so consistently. “Boy slow down dropping all that BS music…️— Young Thug ひ (@youngthug) February 3, 2016″. In a time where anybody can record high quality music right from their homes, there is more competition than ever.


There is so much noise out there that it’s going to require you to put in a lot more effort than most people. There are no shortcuts to success that are worth while. The only sure way of succeeding is to go 10 times harder than everyone else in your niche. Work ethic is way more important than talent is. However, the more talent you have + a great work ethic, the more unstoppable you are!


Drake is killing it because he is consistent with high quality music. Some artist can’t stand the fact that he is on like this. So many people are praying for his downfall that its sad. Some people are like, “damn, when is this nigga gonna fall off”. He isn’t the most talented artist but he makes up for it by working hard.


If you ask me, I think most of the hard working artist today are following what 2Pac did. Work ethic is essentially everything, it out weighs talent. With a decent enough talent you can out perform people with more talent than you and that have a bigger fan base than you do. Check out this video below of 2Pac talking about knocking songs out.

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