Own Your Relationships With Your Fans

This post kinda goes hand and hand with one of my other post about don’t put your music on iTunes. Artists must understand how important it is to have their fans contact information. If someone bought your music before, they just might buy something else from you. Without their contact info you may be simply leaving money on the table. This is just the business side of selling your music.


Let’s say you sold 10,000 copies of your album for $10, but you sold it on iTunes. iTunes would take 30% of that and give you the rest. Now lets say you drop a video to one of the best songs on your album, do you think the people who purchased the album would be excited to watch it? You bet they will. Only one problem, how do you contact them and send them a link to your new video on YouTube? You can’t.


Now lets say you sold 10,000 copies of your album on your own website. Since you sold from  your site, you now would know who’s buying your music and you keep 100% of all the profit. Independents are winning!

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