How To Grow Your Fan Base Fast

Theme Based Projects

Back with another one like Khaled. Basically put, you should drop your projects with some type of theme to them. Make your projects with most of the beats being the SAME GENRE. If you make trap music, drop projects with mostly trap beats. If you… Read More »Theme Based Projects

Producer vs. Beat Maker

What is the difference between a producer and a beat maker? Simply put, a beat maker’s specialty is making beats/instrumentals. A beat makers job is to just provide beats. They have very little experience in mixing and arranging tracks. A producer however, can be seen… Read More »Producer vs. Beat Maker

Buying Beats Online

Most of the time when you buy beats online, your not really buying BEATS, but instead you are buying LICENSES to use those beats. These licenses are agreements between artists and producers about how many copies can be sold, what can be done with the… Read More »Buying Beats Online

Loss Leader Strategy

Due to the fact that so much is changing in the music industry, music artist should focus on their actual business model and approach to the industry. Music is still selling but isn’t selling like it used to due to online streaming, piracy, and inefficient… Read More »Loss Leader Strategy