Producer vs. Beat Maker

What is the difference between a producer and a beat maker? Simply put, a beat maker’s specialty is making beats/instrumentals. A beat makers job is to just provide beats. They have very little experience in mixing and arranging tracks. A producer however, can be seen as an advanced beat maker.


Producer’s usually specialize in mixing and arranging elements in a track and have a lot more industry contacts than beat makers. They also have a voice in how songs are arranged, pitched, and toned. If your a serious artist who wants to take their music to the next level, you want to be working with a producer. They can help you create your own sound and get your tracks heard. Producers may even be able to get you placements in the music industry. Keep it mind though, a producer doesn’t technically have to play any instruments or make any beats to be called a producer.


There are lots of producers out there who don’t press any buttons. A lot of producers sign beat makers to their labels. That’s how they are able to be credited even if they never made the beat. Most people don’t even know that DJ Mustard doesn’t make most of his beats, he has beat makers working with him. He really is just a DJ. If you, as an independent artist, purchase a beat and then go to the studio deciding your own direction for the track, how its arranged, and its breakdowns then YOU are the PRODUCER.

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