Putting Paint Where It Aint

I first heard the saying “Putting Paint Where It Ain’t”, from an E-40 song. It always stuck with me as a way to navigate as a creative. When it comes to music, you want to always be putting paint where it ain’t. Always be creating new fresh content that doesn’t exist anywhere else. Be the first to create the type of songs that no one has thought of yet.

Having a go-to producer to work with will help you tremendously in creating new fresh songs. We constantly try to make what no one else has make, but yet keeping the sound new and relevant with the current times. Flipping samples and having a producer put their own unique touch to the beats, making beats around your lyrics, and working with specific producers for different projects is how you truly create your own unique sound. When uploading videos to YouTube, you want to upload the type of content that isn’t on there. 

You want to be the first to do something different in order to put paint where it ain’t. That’s the whole meaning of it. Being the first to do something means paying attention to trends, and taking things to the next level. Pushing music forward and evolving hip hop. If you have a good music idea, take note of it on your phone. Sometimes fire thoughts run through our heads, but we never write them down! If you have a good or something hits you, write it down fam. 

There’s nothing wrong with creating what we’re used to creating. Your main focus should be on putting something out in the world that isn’t there already, and needs to be there! Go out and put some paint where it ain’t today. 

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