Quality Over Quantity

I can’t stress this enough, quality over quantity! People want to hear music that sounds good. Different frequencies make people feel differently. If your song is trash, mixing and mastering it will make it presentable. If your song is good, having it mixing and mastered could make it dope.


What if your song is already dope?! Properly having it done your song could possibly be ear crack. Ear crack songs are what I like to call the hit songs. Those are the songs you really push and shoot videos too. For those songs, you should get your beats tracked-out, then mixed and mastered.


Being that it’s 2017, I suggest every artist dropping music videos trackout their instrumentals then mixed and mastered. I swear I wish somebody told me this when I first started out. If you are aware of this already, great, if not please take heed and let me know if you’ve got any better results. I talk about this in the video below.

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