The Numbers Game

Being consistent and staying productive is all about the numbers game to me. It’s about how much and when. If you made 1 song a day, that’s 30 songs a month. You could literally drop a project every single month if you stayed at it. They said 2Pac wrote 4-9 songs a day. Consistently.


Imagine how much you could get done. Don’t forget, we only have 24 hours out in a day to get things done. How much can you do each day is the question. Focus on finishing every song you start. When you take this approach to music you are more likely to produce hits faster.


I’m a firm believer in making hits on accident. All you need to do is focus on finishing songs and you will naturally get better over time. I can make complete beats in 5 minutes. My mindset is to be so productive that you get so much done all at once. We are racing against time with only 24 hours to play with. Might as well go all out and make the most of it!

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